Hack Across Europe in Dublin


At the last Lockpicking Night (12th February) we had a special visitor to the space. Darren Kitchen is hacking his way around Europe, and last week he was in Dublin. He stopped by the space and filmed a segment of this Hak5 episode from our humble little brown leather sofa.

We’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for our boisterous lockpickers (you should hear our parties…), and hope it doesn’t distract too much from the great content about captive portals. By all accounts everyone had a great time, so if Darren is making his way to a town near you it’s worth looking him up. If not, there’s plenty at Hak5 to keep you entertained.

June Social, Projects Night and Summer Fund

The beginning of June represents the one year anniversary of TOG moving into Chancery Lane or TOG 2.0. To celebrate we’ll be having a dinner party during the June 4th social night.

So what do you want from a TOG dinner party? Ordinary three course meal; formal four course meal; party food; experimental cooking; BBQ; bring-your-own?

We’ve a reasonably equipped kitchen and BBQ. We expect to meet up in TOG about 2pm for the clean up, shopping, preparation, cooking/baking, with dinner starting about 6-7pm. If you like to attend, cook or bring something comment below. We’ll probably have a small contribution to cover the food costs. BYOB.

Following on from the March event we’ll also be having Projects Night on Saturday. Participants will have a short opportunity to present projects they have worked since the last meeting and any new projects they hope to work on over the next three months. We expect this meeting to run from about 8pm to 9pm.

Somewhat related to the Projects Night we are announcing our Summer Fund. Over the three summer months this fund will provide approximately €120 per month for a group project(s). The exact criteria hasn’t been set yet. But it will likely involves a lump sum being give to a project to buy parts/materials for a project which involves/stimulates group activity in the space. Project suggestions and participation from non-members is welcomed.

Social Night Saturday May 7th

Come one come all:
We will be have a social night next Saturday 7th of May starting around 6pm if weather is night BBQ is on the cards. If weather is nice might start bit earlier but keep an eye out for what we are up to on website or get involved during the week.