Security Saturday

a one day security event, Saturday 16th November. Tickets Available Now.

Security Saturday is a one-day event where security experts and hobbyists get together to teach, learn and discuss a myriad of topics related to security. From picking locks to hacking wireless routers and getting started hacking RFID tags.

Anyone interested in security as a hobby or professional should get something out of it.

The only prerequisite is a laptop and an open mind. All talks and workshops will assume no prior knowledge and will start with first principles.

All tickets come with a Starter Kit to get you started hacking, picking and more. Early bird tickets will get a special bonus of an Arduino compatible *electronic door opener, and are in very limited supply, so act fast!

Starter Kit

  • *5 piece lock pick set
  • Tog T-Shirt
  • DVD of learning materials



  • Introduce speakers, event schedule etc. (presentation)
  • Distribute Starter Kits

Lock Picking

  • Introduction to physical security (presentation)
  • Lock Picking workshop

Wireless Hacking

  • Introduction to wireless security (presentation)
  • Wireless hacking workshop

Electronic Access control and RFID

  • Magnetic Swipe Card principles and security (presentation)
  • Radio Frequency (RFID) access control and payment systems (presentation)

Tickets are in limited supply, you can reserve yours at


* All tools and information provided are for educational purposes only.



RFID Group

There has been some interest within TOG and also from visitors about regarding a technology that is pushing its way into our lives more and more each month. From transport ticketing systems, access control in workplaces and even in our very own passports, all contains a contactless smart card technology known as RFID.

OpenPCD and OpenPICC

So to start off I want to try get people interested together and see if we can arrange a regular meeting playing with RFID devices, exchanging knowledge and maybe collaborating on some projects. We will meet this Thursday, 15th July 2010, from 7pm to 10pm (to get our buses home). If we have a enough people together and a need to , we will try to start a bi-weekly meet-up. This is not a workshop, we are meeting to discuss the technology. A workshop might me considered in the future if there is a need for it.

Please bring your readers, writers and RFID cards that you would like to show. Some of the known devices within the group include OpenPCD, OpenPICC, Proxmark, TouchaTag (previously TikiTag) and OmniKey readers. If you have any more please bring them along with you. Any non members attending please send me a message so we can expect you. (contact form below)

Hope to see you there

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