Linux 1. Introduction to the Command Line

tuxLinux is a free open-source operating system invented by Linux Torvalds and developed by a community of developers worldwide. Linux is based on UNIX and has been ported to every platform in use today including PC, Mac, Sparc and ARM and is the base operating system behind Arduino and Android. It is released under the GNU public license and can be copied and reused freely.

TOG will be offering a six week introductory course to the Linux Command Line on Monday nights starting in January. This course assumes no previous programming experience.

This course will teach you how to administer your Linux system from the command line. It will not cover installing Linux nor will it cover Gnome or KDE functionality. Instead, we will be using VirtualBox and each student will download a virtual hard drive with the latest Debian preinstalled and configured for the course.

When: Mondays Jan 6th – Feb 10th 2014.
Time: 7:00 – 10:00pm (with 30 min break)
Sessions: 6.
Where: Tog Classroom.
Price: 100 euros.
  • Introduction – setting people up, using the command line.
  • Linux file system
  • Processes
  • The vim Editor
  • Command Line Utilities
  • Shell Scripting
  • Startup and Shutdown
  • Globbing and Regular Expressions
  • awk, sed, grep
  • Installing Software with apt-get and make

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Coder Nights

Thursday 7th November at 7pm will be Coder Night (and every 2 weeks after)

8395923694_63ddba89f1Photo by iLikeSpoons on Flickr


Starting this Thursday we’re bringing coding nights back to Tog!

For our first night its going to be a casual affair, with no speakers or projects or prescribed idea of what we’re going to do. It will be much like the lock picking and crafting nights, with a meet-up of people interested in programming as a general topic.

If you are knowledgable in a particular framework or language, it’d be great if you could come along and lend a hand if somebody has any questions.

There is no language favouritism, there’ll be people attending with Python, Objective-C, Java, Javascript, C#, C++, UnityScript (Unity3D), and many other tools and languages.

I will personally be working on a mobile app for Tog for both iOS (Objective-C) and Android (Java), but you can come along with whatever project you have in mind, or none at all.

We’ll be using the first few nights to figure out how people want these nights to be, whether they should be project based, or remain very much a casual affair. So please come along if you have some ideas, or just to chill out with fellow would-be and expert coders.