Lockpicking Group

Talking in the space there are a few people interested in lock picking, a few of us having owned a lock pick set for some time would like to get into the art of picking locks (again?) so what better way to do it than organise a group night in TOG.

Lock Picks

We will meet on Tuesday the 20th July 2010 from 7pm to 10pm and I’m going to be bold now and call it a bi-weekly event. Bring your locks, padlocks and your kits to the space. If you do not own a set it can be best to come to a night like this and check out the different types of kits available and ask around where is the best place to get locks and kits before you go and buy some yourself. There are normally a few picks to go around.

Non-members give me a shout to let me know your coming to the night.

Any questions, let me know. (form below)


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