Craft Night quilt at MakerFaire2013

Dublin Mini Maker Faire logo Dublin Mini Maker Faire 2013 has come and gone. We’ve been recapping a few of the projects displayed at the event, like the Bubble Bird House, and the Twitter Knitter. The Craft Nighters* got in on the action as well, and contributed squares towards a patchwork quilt. The type of squares is varied, including crochet, hand knit, machine knit, embroidery, blackwork, patchwork (meta), and decorative uses of beads, buttons, and googly eyes. Rather than losing some of the detail by making them conform to a strict patchwork quilt, we instead chose a looser arrangement to better showcase the talent and variety of our dedicated crafters.

Crafters quilt at Maker Faire, with Twitter Knitter

* Craft Night happens every second Tuesday from 7pm. It’s free, and open to all crafts. Simply, people show up and work on their projects. It’s great having others around who can help you out if you get stuck/confused, or just to chat with (and find out the best crafting suppliers). Get in touch and come along!

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Lockpicking Group

Talking in the space there are a few people interested in lock picking, a few of us having owned a lock pick set for some time would like to get into the art of picking locks (again?) so what better way to do it than organise a group night in TOG.

Lock Picks

We will meet on Tuesday the 20th July 2010 from 7pm to 10pm and I’m going to be bold now and call it a bi-weekly event. Bring your locks, padlocks and your kits to the space. If you do not own a set it can be best to come to a night like this and check out the different types of kits available and ask around where is the best place to get locks and kits before you go and buy some yourself. There are normally a few picks to go around.

Non-members give me a shout to let me know your coming to the night.

Any questions, let me know. (form below)


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Group nights proving very popular.

At TOG we have been running group nights for a few weeks now.  Micro-controllers on Monday’s and Coding on Wednesday’s. We  have had up to 13 people at these nights this week.  It has been a great mix of members and non-members, creating a great  environment. These nights will continue and we hope to see new and old faces again.

As always non-members are allowed to come along , just contact us before hand using the contact form.

At this point I would like to ask, does any one have any ideas for other group nights ? What would you like to see? Please post a comment.

Canonical Visit

Yesterday was Microcontroller Monday and we had some visitors from Canonical pay our space a visit last night. Canonical are having their development meeting in Dublin this week and after a busy day of work, they popped in to have a look around and a chat. We also may have given a few of our visitors the hackerspace bug and we may have a new hackerspace in China some time soon. 🙂

Busy at TOG
Busy at TOG

Among our visitors we had Steve Conklin (sconklin to those of you in the interweb) who is a member of the Antitronics Hackerspace in Huntsville, Alabama and Hugh Blemings who, lucky for us, likes too play with arduinos and is in the process of co-authoring a book Practical Arduino: Cool Projects for Open Source Hardware. I can’t wait to read it when its finished.

Steve was good enough to post his pictures on his flickr which can be found here.


Coding Wednesdays 7pm

Calling all web-monkeys and code-monkeys.

On Wednesdays I will be inviting anyone that wishes to be in an environment that is friendly to a coder to come along and make some progress or a start on a project of your choice.

We all have ideas and great intentions to work on some code whether its PHP, JAVA, C or one of the many programing languages that are known within TOG, but at home there can be alot of distractions. I want to provide a time where fellow programmers can come to the space and get some work done. With the added bonus of having other programmers around, you have the option to bounce ideas off a fellow coder.

Or maybe you’d like to learn a programming language and have been wondering how to go about it. We have a tonne of books in our library, so grab your laptop, grab a book and get going. I’d be happy to help you get started, as I’m sure others there on the night will also. Any questions, contact me directly.

So put it in your diaries, and see you Wednesday at 7pm

*EDIT* If you are not a member you are welcome to come to the night, I just ask you email me to let me know so I can keep track of numbers (contact form in full post)

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Hackers on the BBC

Our friends over at NYCResistor pointed this one out to me, the BBC catch up with some hackers over in London. Great to see my type of people in the media 🙂