Ubuntu Global Jam

TOG will be hosting Ubuntu-ie as they hold a bug jam to coincide with global jam. The Ubuntu Global Jam (UGJ) is a a world-wide online and face-to-face event to get people together and work on

  • Bugs – finding, triaging and fixing bugs.
  • Testing – testing the new release and reporting your feedback.
  • Upgrade – upgrading to Maverick from Lucid and reporting your upgrade experience.
  • Documentation – writing documentation about how to use Ubuntu and how to join the community.
  • Translations – translating Ubuntu and helping to make it available in everyone’s local language.
  • Packaging – work on Ubuntu packages and improve them.

We want to get as many people online and in person fixing bugs, having a great time doing so. This is not only a great opportunity to really help Ubuntu, but to also get together with other Ubuntu enthusiasts and work on things as a group and help one another.

We will be hosting the event on the 28th of August opening at 10am until late.

For more details and to register for the event go to the LoCo Directory.