How to Build a Time Machine in 12 Easy Steps:


A Tachyonic Antitelephone is a theoretical device, a thought experiment from physics history which allows the user to send messages back to his or her own past using faster than light particles called tachyons. A while back I decided to build a receiver. Being a fine art graduate however and lacking all but the most basic knowledge of physics and electronics, I required more than a bit of help. For the benefit of my past self, I’ll now outline how it’s done so I can send this message back in time and know how to do it:


Tachyonic Antitelephone from Sinead McDonald on Vimeo.

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Maker Faire Newcastle 2013

TOG went to Newcastle last weekend for Maker Faire UK. We got to see lots of great projects and met many more Hackerspaces. UK Hackspace Foundation did a great job promoting Hackerpaces in UK and Ireland with this GIANT map.

UK Hackspace Foundation

All our projects got a great response from visitors, including the giant Arduino, flashing LEDs, sewable curcuit projects etc.

To our benefit we met loads of people who where willing to swap Ducks for schwag. First swap was with, for our logo done up with their automated knitting machine.

Update: Made a mistake this was very kindly made by Sally Bitmap Machine Knitting check out website, very nice people and really very good machine Over the weekend they used a hand scanner to get children to scan in their designs and print. Our design was from bitmap.

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Plasma cutter

New toy in Tog arrived yesterday (Sip P184 HF TIG/ARC/Plasma) we have cracked it open and started to use it check out the video and drop and and take a look.