What’s going on in Tog in March?

Open Social: The monthly highlight of Tog’s social calendar is happening on Saturday 16th March, from 7 pm until the last one leaves. Open to all, come and see what’s going on in Dublin’s only hackerspace. Contributions of food and drink are always welcome.

Lock Picking: Conor runs the popular lock picking nights, learn a useful skill and help to preserve historic monuments by opening padlocks taken from the Halfpenny Bridge. We also open other locks without using keys, if you want to find out how come along to lock-picking on Monday 4th and 18th March, starting at 7 pm. Tools are provided and are for sale.

Craft Night: Bring along a crafting project or start a new one, anything from embroidery, knitting, sewing, crochet to drawing and painting and t-shirt printing. We have sewing machines and craft supplies to get you started, learn a new skill or share your know-how with the group. This happens every second Wednesday, on the 6th and 20th March. 7 pm start.

Beginners don’t have to start here…

Electronics and Micro Controller Night: Anything electronic, micro and controllable… so that’s Arduinos, Galileos, Raspberry Pis, BeagleBones, whatever you have that you want to play with or that you need help with. If you’re a beginner, we have basic kits to get you started. Runs on non-lock-picking Mondays, the 11th and 25th March. Bring your own laptop, we don’t have spares. Starts at 7 pm, finishes at 9 pm.

CAD Night: Work on 3D printing or laser cutting on our Lasersaur. Declan and Louise host and advise, every other Wednesday, 7 to 9 pm: this month, the 6th and 20th March. Please bring ideas and your own laptop.

Coding: If you’re looking for a space to work on your own side project, or if you need help with some programming problem, come along to coding nights on alternate Mondays, the 4th and 18th March. Please bring your own laptop, we don’t provide the hardware.

The Science Fiction Book Club: After a few months sniggering at what authors in bygone times thought the future would be like, we have decided to go bang up to date with a novel whose first English publication was last year, Ball Lightning by Liu Cixin. Bonus points if you read it in the original Chinese (although you will be expected to criticise the translation…) Wednesday 27th March, 7.30 pm.

Wikipedia Editing: Rebecca will instruct on how to become a Wikipedia editor, this happens every last Wednesday of the month, March 27th. Essential that you bring a laptop.

Science Hack Day Dublin 2019: We are super excited to be hosting Science Hack Day Dublin 2019. It’s an entirely free-to-attend and volunteer-organised event. A 36-hour hackathon that brings together designers, coders, scientists, engineers and makers. It is a social event with creativity and love of science at its heart. Taking place during on Saturday 9th / Sunday 10th March coinciding with Engineers Week.

St Patrick’s Festival Village: Jeffrey and volunteers will be at a stand in the Science Foundation Ireland Science Zone, part of the Merrion Square Festival Village. Come along to see examples of what we do. Monday March 19th, visit https://www.irishcentral.com/travel/travel-tips/dublins-st-patricks-five-day-family-festival-2019 for more details.

Kino Spraoi: Jules hosts a five-day film-making session in Tog around St Patrick’s Day weekend (Thursday 14th to Monday 18th March), in the form of an extended hackathon for films, broken into two rounds, with a warm-up day on Thursday. 25 euro per round (i.e. 50 euro for the entire session), guest speakers, screening nights on Thursday 14th, Saturday 16th and Monday 18th March.

Dublin Service Design Jam: This will be a 24+ hour make/build/prototype re/act & fix-a-thon session: we will brainstorm and pitch ideas, team up and build prototypes, then test them out. At the end there will be demos, prizes and pizza! Jules is hosting, for further details see https://www.meetup.com/Tog-Dublin-Hackerspace/events/258769258/?rv=ea1_v2&_xtd=gatlbWFpbF9jbGlja9oAJGY2MGFkYzk3LTc2MWUtNDg4My05NzAyLWViMDRlMTQwZGUyYg

Team Bodge are in the space most Wednesday afternoons, from 3.30 pm until Craft night starts. Bring along your broken or faulty gadgets or computers – or anything else you’d like fixed – and James and Brendan will help you out, with advice, tools, expertise and the occasional spare part. Members only, check the mailing list for time and date confirmation.

What’s happening in Tog in February

Open Social: We open to the general public once a month, in February it’s Saturday 16th, from 7-ish until the last one leaves. Want to know a little more about what we do? Want to join in? Come along, bring yourself, food, drink, ideas, chat.

Lock Picking: Our regular lock-picking night runs every other Monday, come along and learn how to pick a padlock. Or handcuffs, should you need. No questions asked. This month, lock-picking is on the 4th and 18th February, starting at 7 pm. Tools provided.

Craft Night: Craft night involves knitting, sewing, crochet, embroidery, CAD and 3D printing, all under one roof, all at the same time. Or anything else in the craft line that you’d like to do. Every second Wednesday, this month that’s the 6th and 20th February. 7 pm start.

Electronics and Micro Controller Night: Anything electronic, micro and hackable. All levels from beginners to experts, we have basic kits to get you started. Every Monday when there’s no lock-picking, the 11th and 25th February. Bring your own laptop. Starts at 7 pm.

Coding: Runs on the same Mondays as lock-picking, the 4th and 18th at 7pm. Come down and work on a project or help others with theirs. Laptop of your own pretty much essential, and bring your own side project.

Wikipedia Editing: is a great chance to learn how to edit Wikipedia, every last Wednesday of the month (27th February). Bring your laptop, there may be pizza! 7pm onwards.

The Science Fiction Book Club This month’s epic blockbuster is The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester. It’s short. If you think too short, come and rant about it. If you think mercifully short, come and rant about it. Wednesday 27th February, 7.30 pm.

What’s happening in Tog in January


!!!BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!: Tog will be ten years old this month, to celebrate we’re turning our customary Open Social night into a Party night. Saturday 26th January from 7 pm onwards, everyone welcome!

Street Party celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II at a street in Birkenhead, Merseyside, England on the 7th June 1977. Photo originally taken on a Polaroid instant camera. Digitally scanned on 11th July 2010.
Yup, we’re going to have this much fun.

Lock Picking: Happens on Mondays, 7th and 21st January from 7 to 9 pm, or until we’re tired and need to leave. Learn how to open a variety of padlocks harvested from the Halfpenny Bridge – handcuffs too, you never know when that may come in useful. Tools and expertise on hand, and basic lock picking sets are available for purchase, 16 euro each.

Coding: Runs on the same Mondays as lock picking, the 7th and 21st January at 7pm. Come down and work on a project or help others with theirs. Don’t forget to bring a laptop.

Craft Night: Every other Wednesday, the 9th and 23rd January at 7pm. Bring along an unwanted Christmas present and hack it into something cool. Or knit, sew, crochet, embroider, glue, fold, cut and solder away. We have sewing machines, a laser cutter and a 3D printer for the ambitious.

Electronics and Micro Controller Night: Runs every non-lock-picking Monday, the 14th and 28th January at 7pm. For all levels: Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and Intel Galileos, try our introduction to electronics worksheet. Some basic electronics kits available for sale. Bring your own laptop or notebook computer.

Wikipedia Editing: learn how to contribute to the world’s most useful and most searched online encyclopaedia. This month we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of Vicipéid, the Irish language Wikipedia, there will be cake and “other party elements”. Intrigued? Come along, Wednesday 30th January, 7pm onwards.

The Science Fiction Book Club elbows its way back into your frontal cortex this month, we’re reading Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. We will be praising / trashing it on Wednesday 30th January from 7pm.

Raspberry Jam Big Birthday Event

The Dublin Raspberry Pi Jam team are hosting their 3rd jam and this time Raspberry Pi will also be turning seven years old.  There will be a weekend of Pi Jams taking place all over the world.

We are happy to play host to the growing Dublin Raspberry community. This jam will focus more on bringing your own equipment and working on projects. They want to emphasise that it is not a workshop, it’s an event where you feel free to ask questions and for help as well as share your own project and ideas to one another. 

The event takes place on Saturday March 2nd, 2019 from 12:30. the event is free but requires tickets. For full information visit https://ti.to/dublin-raspberry-pi-jam/raspberry-jam-big-birthday-event-2019

What’s on in Tog in December

Lock Picking: Break the bonds of true love, learn to open one or many of the padlocks we harvest from the Halfpenny Bridge. Lock picking nights are on every second Monday, we are meeting on the 10th December at 7pm, taking a rest over Christmas, and will be back in 2019. Basic lock picking sets are available for purchase at the bargain price of 16 euro.

Craft Night: Every other Wednesday, the 12th December at 7pm. Show that irritating / inspirational woman on telly how to really craft Christmas. Or knit, sew, crochet, cut-fold-glue-solder to your heart’s content. We have sewing machines. We also have laser cutting and CNC routing expertise. We may soon have a 3D printer.

Electronics and Micro Controller Night: Runs every non-lock-picking Monday, the 3rd and 17th December at 7pm. For all levels: Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and Intel Galileos, try our introduction to electronics worksheet. Some basic electronics kits available for sale. Bring your own laptop or notebook computer.

Open Social: This month the Open Social will be on Saturday 15th December. Join us for an evening of conversation and pizza. Conor has promised games.

Coding: Runs on the same Mondays as lock picking, the 10th December at 7pm. Come down and work on a project or help others with theirs. Laptop of your own pretty much essential, and bring your own side project.

The Science Fiction Book Club won’t meet in December; on the last Wednesday we will be too scattered over the surface of the planet to rendezvous at Tog, especially since we STILL don’t have access to flying cars, faster-than-light travel or teleportation. We might be reading about one or other or all three, though. We will be taking two months to read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. See you back here Wednesday 30th January 2019.

Wikipedia Editing: No meeting in December.

Finish-a-Thon: we are running an all-day hackathon on Saturday 15th December. Instead of starting yet another world-changing project, finish one of those you’ve had lying around waiting for, well, an event like this. The world will thank you. Breakfast will be provided.

48 Hr Filmmaking Challenge: Writers, directors, actors, DOPs, all filmmaking enthausists are welcome to join us and get yourself on a team for the 48hr filmmaking challenge taking place on the 7-9th December. This is a great opportunity if you want to try out filmmaking and don’t know where to start. All skill levels welcome. We will meet and form teams on Thursday 6th and Teams will get together over the weekend and shoot. THERE WILL BE A SUGGESTED DONATION TO TOG OF €5 PER PERSON TO COVER THE COST OF SCREENING (OR WHATEVER YOU CAN AFFORD). Event page on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/events/351903748909360/

TOG November Open Social

Well another month has flown by which means that its time for our regular Open Social again. This months Social will take place on Saturday 17th November from 7PM. Drop in to see us.

It will be a busy day for us on that Saturday, with our attendance at the Dublin Science Week Family Open Day, earlier in the day.


If you’ve never been to our Social, you’ll find it a great alternative Saturday evening in town. Come in and look around. If you’ve never been in before, we’ll give you the grand tour of the space. Talk to members and visitors about projects or things you’d like to do. If you like what you see, ask about joining as a full member. Weather and volunteer permitting, we might have our wood fired pizza oven going outside. Expect caint, ceol agus craic as usual. The space stays open until the last member is left……usually the small hours of Sunday morning.

Our Open Socials are always free to attend for both members and visitors alike. No need to book…. just turn up. You can drop in for 10 minutes, or stay the whole night. We have parking available. Bring beer, food, gadgets! Our doors will be open from 19:00. Hope to see you there.