Oops, Craftings

Hey all, sorry this is late, things have been way too busy around here. First off, thanks to those people who came to the Crochet Workshop. We hope you enjoyed it. It turned out to be more frustrating than I thought. Now I understand what my mother meant when she said she didn’t have the patience for it! Still, I’m very impressed with what can be made with a length of string and one needle with a hook in it!

Secondly, Craft Night on Tuesday, 21st September is still on. From about 7pm until we all leave for last buses. Bring anything you want to work on, and just hang out with other crafters. Although I suspect there will be a few others finishing off their crochet with me 🙂 As usual, please use the form below to book a place.

Thirdly, this will be the last Tuesday Craft Night that I, and a few others, will be able to attend. (Don’t worry, Meg will keep them ticking along. Although, if you’re a member I’m sure she’d appreciate some help.) This saddens me, so I’m trying to find another day to have another Craft Night/Day on. Restrictions due to availability of free space, and available members really cuts down the options: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Please, if are interested in coming on one of these days, let us know which you’d prefer, what times, and how often you’d be able to make it (e.g. every week, every two weeks, once a month, etc). Through the form below, or in email to crafty[at]tog.ie
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What’s that you say, Crafting? Oh, okay!

Tuesday, 7th September, from 7pm until about last buses. In TOG (behind the dodgy looking black gate, there’s an intercom button you can press for admittance). Limited to 12 people. Bring any form of craft you want (and can carry) to work on. We have a sewing machine on the premises (in another room, can be a bit lonely all by yourself), but you should bring whatever thread you need as our selection is poor. Otherwise, we have tea, and usually coffee. It’s a fun night, always a bunch of new people around, and some very talented craftspeople (as well as newbies like me). Send us a note through the Contact Form below if you would like to come along.

Speaking of events, have you seen our first workshop? Crochet Workshop – Stars and Spheres, it’s got pretty pictures. We’re just about full. But because of the way we’re booking places not all are taken yet, but some people do already have dibs on them. If you’re interested you can still contact us about it and we’ll put you on the wait-list. Also, we welcome any suggestions you have for future workshops (whether you’re offering to run them, or there’s something you’d really like to learn about).

*EDIT* Still a couple of places left! Let us know if you want to pop along tomorrow!

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Crafting Call!

Hello again, I hope you’re all enjoying the Irish Hackerspaces Week that’s going on. I am personally very impressed with the talks I’ve attended, and now I have even more to add to the never-ending list of stuff I have to do. If you haven’t been to anything yet there’s still more on, and there’s an Open Social night tomorrow for just chatting and having a laugh.

My point? Oh yes, the point of this post. This is the call for Craft Night next Tuesday (24th August). If you want to attend send us a note through the form below. (We’ll more than likely send you a reply asking you to confirm, because we really want to make sure you’ll be there :)) Details same as usual, Tuesday, from 7pm (until about last buses). Bring anything you’re working on, and just have fun with other crafters. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Irish Hackerspaces Week

Irish Hackerspaces Week is a week long series of events showcasing the different Hackerspace across Ireland. The week aims to show what each space brings to their local community.
If you are coming to any of the events please sign up using the contact form at the end of the page.

Time Table of Events in 091labs Galway. Read more

Time Table of Events in TOG

Saturday 14th:

Soldering Workshop 10.00-12.30 & 14.00-16.30 Read more

Sunday 15th:

Harvard Course screening: “Introduction to C” – programming afterwards 14.00 Read more
The Joys of 3D Printing 16.00 Read more

Monday 16th:

E-textiles & Conductive Thread 19.00 Read more
Intro Ardunio 20.30 Read more
Processing 21.00 Read more

Tuesday 17th:

Oh, sweet! The Sugar learning environment 19.30 Read more

Lockpicking: The Myths and Truths  20.30 Read more

Wednesday 18th:

An Evening of Amateur Radio 18.30 Read more
Fun with Pattern Matching – Or how to build a database using flat files 19.30 Read more

Thursday 19th:

Open Social Night with a Film.. 19.00 Read more

Friday 20th:

Synchronous Hacker Quiz 20.00 Read more

Saturday 21st:

10th Global Synchronous Hackathon 13.00 Read more

Sunday 22nd:

10th Global Synchronous Hackathon 13.00 Read more
Standford Course screening:  “Introduction to Machine Learning” –  programming afterwards 14.00 Read more

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Crafting here, Crafting there, Crafting everywhere!

August 10th, Tuesday, from 7pm, we’ll be crafting again, and we’d love for you to join us! If you intend on coming, please send us a message through the Contact Form below.
(Sorry about the mis-information in the last craft-post, as you can see the call for booking places is one week, not two, from the next one.)
Interest does seem to be ebbing, what with Summer, and general life stuff, so if you’re worried about scheduling feel free to check back Monday, or Tuesday, we’ll let you know if there’s still room.
See, I can do short posts too 🙂

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Much Ado About Craft Nights!

*EDIT Two places have just opened up for this event use the contact form below to book.

First off, we want to say a great big Thank You to the people who came to the first Craft Night. The vibe was very good, the chats fun, and I loved seeing what everyone was working on. I, for one, had a great time, and hope everyone else did too 🙂

Secondly, sorry to all the people that wanted to come that didn’t make it! But, you might be interested in the third point.

Thirdly, we’re going to do it again! The response was phenomenal. Clearly this is something the community has been needing for a long time. So every second Tuesday (from Tuesday, 27th July, until further notice), from 7pm until late, will be Craft Night at TOG!

However, we are still limited on space. For the next few weeks we will have to restrict the numbers, and keep the process whereby you contact us via the Contact Form below (*EDIT* Contact Form removed because this session is full. See below for details.) to book a place. The number 12 seemed to work well, so we’ll keep it. Please only book a place if you’re sure you can come. (And if you end up not being able to make it, that’s okay, just send us an email/text/SMS and let us know so we’re not worried about you.)

Third-and-a-half-ly, the demand really is rather high, and as more people hear about it, more people get interested. This is great, truly, but may mean that in future we’ll have to think about splitting the event up into different types of craft. For example; Sewing, Knitting, Jewellery, etc. Indeed, if there’s specific interest in one area we’re happy to do this (already starting to plot some workshops/courses), but I think it will be nice to keep the general Craft Night as well. At the very least it may mean spreading out into a couple of rooms, but is something we’ll have to come back to in the future.

For now, rejoice! More group crafting lays ahead! Once again, any kind of craft is welcome! So book your place quickly, looks like we’ll fill up fast! Remember, this post is for Tuesday, 27th July (we’ll post more for the other events). And we look forward to meeting you all (eventually)!

(P.S. We do have a photo or two somewhere that prove people came, but have yet to track them down…

P.P.S. Because we like to be in with the cool kids we have a twitter you can follow if interested: http://twitter.com/TOG_Dublin. Also, email crafty@tog.ie for general crafty stuff, not booking places.

P.P.P.S. I forgot to mention, we’re currently looking to compile a good list of places where people can get crafting supplies. If you have somewhere you’d like to mention please feel free to email us, tweet us, or use the form below.)

Once again, bitter-sweet news, we’re full up! Sorry if you can’t come again this time. But please note: The notice/sign-up for the following craft night (10th August) will go up after the next one (27th July). So, if you want to make sure you’re signed up, make sure to check back here on the 28th!

Okay, because of the popularity we’re trying to think up ways of enabling more people to craft together.
One suggestion is how about a weekend session in addition to the Tuesday one? We need to know numbers of people interested, and whether Saturday or Sunday would suit better? Morning, afternoon, evening?

Also, we understand that people are having trouble knowing if they will be available on a given day (until rotas are done out, etc) until a day or two beforehand.
So, we could do a delayed release thing? Like, have early-bird spots like now, but also keep back a few until the day before? While more fair to some people it’s less fair to others.
Another idea is for the weekend session, not having to book a place. It would be nice if you could let us know if you’re going to try to make it, because having 30 people show up won’t lead to any fun for anyone if we’re not prepared.

We’re very interested in hearing your opinions. Seriously, only hearing our own voices just leaves us talking in circles. Let us know what you need. You can leave a comment here, or more privately an e-mail to crafty@tog.ie

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