Covid 19 – Update

We are reopening from the 1st of December for all members. All scheduled events will continue to be held online during level three restrictions. For the latest up to date information please check out our calendar or meetup page.

Visitors are asked to contact us before visiting the space to arrange an appropriate time.

Science Week – November Livestream

We are delighted to be taking part in Science Week now in its 25th year. We always like to take part in these national weeks to promote science and education. We have lined up of talks for you on Thursday the 12th of November from 7 pm streaming on our Youtube channel. This year we are teaming up with the Young Engineers Society to bring you a night of interesting lightning talks.

Link To Live Steam


Project Title: Tell me more about the fungus under the kitchen table…
Project Description: After seeing an ad on twitter for a box of grow your own oyster mushrooms, Tríona is now the proud owner of a box of oyster mushrooms. Not liking mushrooms, she thought growing mushrooms would be the most interesting part of the project, but then Jeffrey asked her to talk about them for Science Week…
Speaker: Dr. Tríona O’Connell. Twitter.

Project Title: DIY Solar Install 
Project Description: In an effort to make an office unit more environmentally friendly Christian will detail his DIY Solar Install. This 4.7 KW install faced a number of challenges refitting an ageing office unit, setting up a power management system while all on a budget.
Speaker: Christian Kortenhorst. Twitter.

Project Title: IoT Weather Station
Project Description: Weather is the most talked about topic. This project aims for these chats to be more informed by having very localized weather data. This DIY IoT weather station talk will go over how to install your very own weather station and share your local data.
Speaker: Jeffrey Roe. Twitter.

There are lots of Science Week events happening all over the country you can find more of them listed here ->

Check our friends Dublin Maker week of events featuring plenty of Tog members. ->

This event is in collaboration with the Young Engineers Society

COVID-19 – Level 5 Restrictions

Due to the new restrictions introduced by the government, we are required to close the space during the level 5 restrictions. There will be no access to the space to the public and members.
We have been here before and can get through this. As a community, we will pull together even more. We encourage you all to try and take part in our lineup of virtual events and suggest any more. 

  • Coding Night
  • Craft Night
  • Wikipedia Editing Evening
  • Monthly Social Night
  • Science Fiction Book Club

Check out our meetup for all dates and times.

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October Project Showcase Livestream

We want to give you all something to look forward to on these dark evenings. We are hosting a project showcase live stream on Thursday the 15th of October from 7 pm. Tune into our Youtube channel to see makers showcase their projects in short 10-minute talks followed by a live Q&A. Check out the projects below.

Link To Live Steam


Project Title: Portable Soldering Station
Project Description: Portable Soldering Station made from a British Army 120mm Tank shell Can.
Speaker: Nathan Wheeler. Instagram YouTube, Twitter.

Project Title: DIY solar home heater
Project Description: This project is the build and install of a solar thermal (hot air) collector. The hot air is passed through an air-to-water heat exchanger and the heated water is pumped through existing underfloor water pipes for home heating. The build was done at TOG and the completed project was taken home for install.
Speaker: Gary Cooke

Project Title: Self Driving Car (Deep Q-Learning)
Project Description: In a udemy course called Artificial Intelligence A-Z by Super Data Science that I’m doing I was thought how to make a self driving car using a branch of a.i called reinforcement learning. This coupled with an artificial neural network model I was able to do Deep Q-Learning and train a car to drive on a virtual road. Q-Learning can be useful for when you want a.i to play video games and find the most efficient way to win the game.
Speaker: Rob O’Sullivan. Linkedin. Github

Project Title: Coffee Table
Project Description: Coffee table with welded hairpin legs and scrap 2×4.
Speaker: Niamh O Connor

Project Title: 3D printed egg cup
Project Description: First test to use the onshape modelling software and Prusa 3 printer (how to  process)
Speaker: Patrick Devine – YouTube

Project Title: Tachyonic Antitelephone
Project Description: The Tachyonic Antitelephone is a theoretical device from physics’ history, a thought experiment realised. What if our future self could send back messages in time, telling us what our life could be, warning us of impending danger, or simply steering us away from mistakes and regrets. The Tachyonic Antitelephone opens up questions of free will, choice, fate and pre-destination. Can we change who we were, or who we may become? Do we really have the power to shift our own narratives?

This work was produced for the Hack Circus Time Travel Live event in London in 2013, and was shown in the Freedman Gallery, Allbright College, Pennsylvania as part of Mediated Realities.

Speaker: Sinead McDonald – instagram

TOG 4.0???

TOG turned eleven this year and in those eleven years we have gone from strength to strength. We currently find ourselves in our third space at 22 Blackpitts in the south city centre. It has been a great home to us for these past 5 years. Our lease expires shortly and although we will be renewing, we do not know if we will have a long term lease and the building might also end up for sale.

So we are beginning our search for a new long-term home which will become TOG 4.0. We would like to find a space between the canals if possible, and ideally in the city centre. In the mean time, we continue with our visitor activities (online due to Covid 19) and TOG members can still physically access and use the space. We continue to welcome new members. So keep in touch with us and if you know of any locations which which may be of interest to us, drop us a line. Closeness to public transport is a plus, given our diverse membership and visitor profile. We might also be interested in partnering or co-locating with other organisations. We will keep you informed of any developments.