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Dublin Hacks: Disaster-Smart Cities

Come hack for urban disaster preparedness! Geeks Without Bounds is hosting Dublin Hacks in the TOG hacker space as a way for technologists and coders to contribute to the wellbeing of their city during a disaster scenario – and help response efforts go as smoothly as possible. Urban disaster preparedness seeks to create technologies that […]

Free Firewalling – All it costs is patience

There are many open source choices for a firewall these days and Packet Filter is one of the more common ones. This talk will go through the setup and structure of a Packet Filter firewall and a walk through of a complete Packet Filter firewall rule set. Networking knowledge would be handy, as well as […]

LDAP – Its Mysteries and Example Use

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a well known and tempered method for storing information in a directory based hierarchy. This talk will discuss the core concepts of LDAP and you will be shown how to use LDAP to represent user accounts in an LDAP data store with the hopes of using this single store […]

Unsocial Networking

There has been a fair amount of work recently on the TOG network. We have the normal wireless and then a number of wired network points that allow people to plug their machines into the TOG LAN. But what mysteries lie behind this amazing service? Curious? Of course you are. But fret not, all mysteries […]

Lack Server Rack

One of our members setup an IKEA Lack coffee table server rack. Here it is housing TOG and members servers.

Dragons Everywhere

Don’t celebrate Christmas? Hate spending time with the family? Kids annoying you to death with their new toys that will never live up to the Transformers/Barbies of olde? Are you looking for a getaway this Christmas? Well….. There Be Dragons! This year sees the 26C3 Chaos Communication Congress on in Berlin, taking place from December […]