Science Week

Final colur 2013 logo with themeTOG will be hosting a night of inspiring talks, on diverse subjects from dolphins to space and everything in between for Science Week. Short snappy talks will cover much science and leave you with plenty to think about the world around us. Each talk will be no longer than fifteen minutes with a break after three talks.

Date: Thursday 14th November

Time: Door’s from 6.30pm, start at 7pm

Tickets: No booking required, free entry.



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How to Build a Time Machine in 12 Easy Steps:


A Tachyonic Antitelephone is a theoretical device, a thought experiment from physics history which allows the user to send messages back to his or her own past using faster than light particles called tachyons. A while back I decided to build a receiver. Being a fine art graduate however and lacking all but the most basic knowledge of physics and electronics, I required more than a bit of help. For the benefit of my past self, I’ll now outline how it’s done so I can send this message back in time and know how to do it:


Tachyonic Antitelephone from Sinead McDonald on Vimeo.

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Lemon Soap in Dublin

soapOn June 16 1904 in the novel Ulysses, Leopold Bloom got a bar lemon soap from Swenys chemist in Lincoln Place, Dublin. You can still do that to this day. He never paid for his! On Oct 13th 2013, we made lemon soap at TOG…..or lemon and oatmeal to be precise. It’s our first go at soap making, so we’ll have to see how it turns out. Like a fine wine, it needs time to mature now, so we’ll update the blog in a few weeks time. We might want some testers. If it all goes well, we might even do some more. Contact us, if you’re interested in soap making.

More pics here…….

Workshop: LilyPad Sensors

Protosnap LilyPad Arduino Board

Protosnap LilyPad Arduino Board

E-textiles, electro-craft, wearable electronics; it’s about taking technology and transforming it around your body, creating symbiosis. Helping technology meld seemlessly into the very fabric of our lives.

Whether you’re looking to augment the human condition or you’re more interested in the romantic ethereal glow of twinkly lights, you have to start somewhere.

This second workshop is for people who have used the LilyPad or Arduino before. Focusing on input we’ll look at using light and temperature sensors, and accelerometers. We’ll also look at multiplexing, both input and output, and making your own interfaces to connect regular electrical components to your LilyPad circuit.
The only thing you’ll need to bring with you is a laptop with USB port, everything else is provided. (If you want to bring your own LilyPad components that’s great, just let us know when you’re booking and we’ll make sure you have everything you’ll need.)

Important: please bring your own laptop with USB port. Closer to the event you will receive instructions on how to install the programming environment.

Optional materials; Any LilyPad board (preferably the Protosnap), with any sensor you’d like to use.
If you want to play with the LilyPad before buying, Protosnap boards can be provided for the duration of the workshop, but you’ll probably have to work in groups of at least two people.

When: Thursday, October 24th. From 7pm until 10pm. Cancelled

Where: TOG.

Cost: €10 for non-members, €5 for members. (All proceeds go to support TOG.)

Please register through the contact form below the cut.

This workshop has been cancelled. Check back for the rescheduled date.

Book Club Resurrection

After popular demand the Book Club will be restarting. Friday, 25th October, from 7pm. It’s a very informal affair, and anyone is welcome to attend. (Bring your favourite tea.)

We’ve learnt from our past problems; this time around we have at least two people willing to lead the discussions, and it was proclaimed that no book shall exceed 400 pages in length. The first meet-up won’t have a book to be read, instead just pop along with suggestions as to what to read for next time! And, if you have one, bring along your ereader for a discussion about their merits and drawbacks, versus paper books (and maybe even audio books).

Security Saturday

a one day security event, Saturday 16th November. Tickets Available Now.

Security Saturday is a one-day event where security experts and hobbyists get together to teach, learn and discuss a myriad of topics related to security. From picking locks to hacking wireless routers and getting started hacking RFID tags.

Anyone interested in security as a hobby or professional should get something out of it.

The only prerequisite is a laptop and an open mind. All talks and workshops will assume no prior knowledge and will start with first principles.

All tickets come with a Starter Kit to get you started hacking, picking and more. Early bird tickets will get a special bonus of an Arduino compatible *electronic door opener, and are in very limited supply, so act fast!

Starter Kit

  • *5 piece lock pick set
  • Tog T-Shirt
  • DVD of learning materials



  • Introduce speakers, event schedule etc. (presentation)
  • Distribute Starter Kits

Lock Picking

  • Introduction to physical security (presentation)
  • Lock Picking workshop

Wireless Hacking

  • Introduction to wireless security (presentation)
  • Wireless hacking workshop

Electronic Access control and RFID

  • Magnetic Swipe Card principles and security (presentation)
  • Radio Frequency (RFID) access control and payment systems (presentation)

Tickets are in limited supply, you can reserve yours at


* All tools and information provided are for educational purposes only.