TOG open on Sat 27th December

get in hereBy Sat 27th December, after two days of Christmas festivities, hopefully you’ll be in the mood to get out and about. We’ll be opening up TOG from about 2PM until very very late. It will be open social style opening……just an excuse to come in, hang out, get some music on, call out for some food etc. If you’re around town, drop in for a break from the post Christmas shopping. The kettle will be on.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about coming in or even joining. It’s a great chance to see the space and what we’ve been up to in 2014. Whether you’re a member or visitor, its free to come in. We’ll be talking about plans and projects for 2015.  Hope to see you on the 27th. The craic will be mighty.

TOG@Soundings – Lexicon Library


We are delighted to partner with Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Arts Office on some specially developed workshops for Soundings. These workshops are themed around radio and light-based communications, and take inspiration from Dun Laoghaire both as a sea port and as an important place in the history of radio transmissions. They are family-based, hands on, and mix old and new technologies so that participants will make something fun to take home. The workshops are lend by Jeffrey Roe and Sinead McDonald. In addition to the workshops Jeffrey’s ad Sinead’s Guzman Box will be on display. It will play a selection of historical radio pieces directly into the listener’s head.  Details of the workshops are below. A review of sounding can we found on the Irish Times website.

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December Present Making Wed 3rd Dec

As the holiday season swings by, Tog will be running a present making session with help from the Dublin Favour Exchange
Day: Wed 3rd Dec
Time: 7-9pm
Cost: free — but bring some materials if you can
Where: Tog!
We will be making 4 seasonal delights:
  1. Carrot Cake
  2. Apple Jam
  3. Cards
  4. Soap
Please bring relevant materials if you can: for the card you need liquid or stick glue. We have cards and paper. Favour Exchangers will be bringing some special teabags for the cardmaking!
We have everything we need for the soapmaking but have limited spaces

The Two Shelves

Like many hackerspaces, TOG accepts a lot of materials, donations, parts, and junk that Might Come In Useful™… sometimes so much that there’s no room for actual hacking. The problem is so common, there’s even a Hackerspace Design Pattern for it: the Old Hardware Pattern.

For the last year, we’ve been running a version of the two-shelf system, in which items left around the space are put on the shelves for collection or eventual disposal.

2014-11-29 20.12.41

Need some 5 1/4″ disk drives? Or a laser-cut ball bearing race?

SWAG. Very important.

2014-11-29 20.16.28

Lost and found.

Does it work? Kind of. Lost items are reunited with their owners. Unused items inspire new projects. Semi-regular photos let members check the shelves from afar, workspaces are cleared with impunity, and there’s a slow but steady flow of junk out of the space.

And yet, the space is still full of stuff… 😀

December in TOG involves lots of sugar

The true meaning of sugar craftnight: sugar and craft (we don't need to knit jumpers for snails...)

The true meaning of sugar craftnight: sugar and craft (we don’t need to knit jumpers for snails…)

As has become tradition, the last craftnight of the year is sugar craftnight. So on Tuesday, December 9th from about 6.30pm TOG will become a sugar disaster waiting to happen. Everyone is welcome to join us! There won’t be as much crafting happening on the evening as usual craftnights, but we’ll be delighted with anyone who wants to craft! I’ll bring a bag of Christmassy craft supplies so you can glue shiny things to other less shiny things.

For a discussion on who’s bringing what treats, check out the craft mailing list . If you subscribe to it you’ll get reminders of future craftnights too, after all, craftnight is for life not just for Christmas. Craftnight will return in the New Year on Tuesday, January 6th.

There might be some Christmassy workshops planned too, but everything’s all hush hush at the moment (it’s still only November!), we’ll let you know as soon as we can though!

Soap Making Masterclass

What: Soap Making Masterclass

Where: TOG!!

When: Sunday 23rd Nov 4pm

How much: €5 donation to Tog


Soapmaking master Judit Somogyi will be be showing us how to make sudsy artwork to delight

A perfect xmas present for someone special (or someone stinky!)


Come along and learn a simple but powerful new craft

Materials will be provided