Irish Hackerspaces Quiz

For our yearly Hackerspaces Week Quiz we will be dialing into the exchange. We will use the conference room of the located at for an audio link between hackerspaces. If you have used SIP before this is all the information you should need 🙂

Please place yourself on mute when you are not speaking. Alot of background noise will cause issues with people hearing questions. If we have major trouble, we will get an operator to kick you from the call. You have been warned.

See Hear you at 7:30pm. Starting at 8pm

For Linux, Windows, Mac – we use Linphone. Should be in your repositories or go to You don’t need a SIP provider acc. Simply dial and you will be joined. I tested it and it works 🙂

For Android, iPhone and Blackberry, try LinPhone also. It should be in your repositories/markets.


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