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Christmas Origami Workshops

As Christmas approaches, why not be original and create your own decorations? Join this workshop and learn to make Christmas decorations using origami, and get introduced to modular origami techniques. Beginners are welcome, but they should (re-)familiarise themselves first with the waterbomb base. This workshop will run twice, choose the date that suits you best: […]

Workshop: Electro-sewing

We would like to invite you to Tog’s first ever electronic sewing workshop! As a simple first project, we will be making nice looking flowers with a LED centre. We’ll be working with silver conductive thread (instead of wire), and creating a small circuit to power the LED (small light) from a coin-cell battery. The […]

Class: Introduction to Programming

Are you curious about programming? Ever wished you could write your own scripts to automate repetitive tasks, or for fun? Or been interested in understanding how an application works (and why there are always bugs in the software you use??). Tog is running a new class on learning how to program, for complete beginners with […]

LaTeX workshop

Tog will be hosting an introduction to LaTeX workshop, kindly taught by Triona O’Connell. During the first part of the workshop we will learn about LaTeX in a hands-on fashion: the syntax, how to build a file, how to debug when a problem occurs, etc. The second part will be about trying things out with […]

Origami workshop update

Last Friday’s origami workshop saw a great turn-out, with people of varied skill levels: most had done only a little origami before if any, some were more experienced and had the books to prove it, and a couple could fold origami behind their back! Very handy to sit besides one such person when struggling with […]

Learning about electronics with squishy circuits

On Saturday afternoon, we held a very successful workshop on Squishy Circuits, a great tool to introduce children to electrical circuits. We started the afternoon by learning how to make both conductive dough and insulating dough, and after a cool demonstration on using an Arduino together with a buzzer to test the dough resistance, we […]