Finish a project at TOG, June Hackathon, Finishathon edition

At TOG, we love hacking, and we have a lot of projects lying around, so we want to try to finish some of them. That’s why we are having a one-day community Hackathon and the theme is Finish a Project! Don’t worry if you have a huge project that might take longer to finish, just finish a part of it. The event is free and open to everyone to attend, if you don’t have a project you can help someone else.

Group of people hacking in the TOG common room

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Visit TOG? Electronics, Coding, Lock Picking, Crafting, Wikipedia Editing

We had a great Open Social on Saturday with a lot of pizza from our famous pizza oven, tours, projects and even some board games! Keep an eye out for the next one in June!

Tonight(Monday) we have Electronics Night. Bring a project and/or your laptop. You could work on a kit or just bring a board or something you want to work on, or learn about!
Next Week we have 4 great events!
Monday we have Coding! Bring your laptop and work on a coding project you have been putting off. Contribute to an open source project or ask for help and we’ll point you to the best online resources for learning to code!

If coding isn’t your thing we also have Lock Picking! Learn about Physical Security with this fun manual skill!

Next Wednesday is Craft Night! Sewing, Knitting or any other craft you want to work on, bring a project and get creative!

On Wednesday we also have our monthly Wikipedia Editing night with Wikimedia Ireland!  There’s not only free knowledge at this event, there’s also free pizza!

#BigDayIn #SnowDay3 #Liveblog

It may be snowing outside, and the Big Day Out was cancelled, but TOG has been featuring some of the technology and projects we work with over on our Twitter account. We have complied some of the resources here as well so it is easier to reference. Remember to ask us questions or share what you are up to today using the hashtag #BigDayIn

Coding and Computers

Head of Education at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Carrie Anne Philbin, put together this great series called Crash Course Computer Science. It explains a lot of useful theory about how computers work and the videos are really easy to understand.


We found this really cool basic Introduction to Electronics series.

This is video is an introduction to the Arduino board, really useful for sensors.

This video introduces the Oscilloscope.


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Announcing Cyber Night

TOG is holding a Cyber Security evening starting 23rd August 2017 and every 2 weeks thereafter. This is an open night for people to work on projects, or study, cybersecurity / information security topics. You should have some understanding of the topic and must bring your own laptop to take part. The event is a shared study session, not a class.
Some ‘cyber’ resources are available – we have a dedicated pen test box for you to hone your skills against including Bricks, Security Shepherd and more.
We will do our best to point attendees in the right direction, but it will be expected that people will be comfortable with finding out information on their own – either with the books on hand, or search engine.
The event starts at 7pm and ends at 10pm. Note the space will be members only before 7pm.

Upcoming Events

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re enjoying the bank holiday weekend. Here are our events for
the next two weeks.

Coding Night, Monday 1st from 7pm
Lock Picking, Tuesday 2nd from 7.30pm
Craft Night, Wednesday 3rd from 7pm
CAD & Electronics, Monday 8th from 7pm

Hope to see you there!

Exciting two weeks at TOG

Hope you are enjoying the easter eggs,
Monday 17th, 7pm, Coding Group Night
Tuesday 18th, 7.30pm, Lock Picking,
Wednesday 19th, 7pm, Craft Night
Monday 24th, 7pm, CAD/Electronics Night,