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28C3: No Nerd Left Behind

CCC “is a annual four-day conference on technology, society and utopia” held in Berlin. This its 28th year, tickets were like gold-dust. So if you’re one of the many who couldn’t get any, consider catching a few of the live streams with us at tog. (You can find our official listing here.) Running over four […]

Craft Night with added Sugar

Hello again Crafters! It’s been a long year, many projects were started, a few even finished, and it’s always good to see your toil pay off. So we at tog reckon it’s time for a Craft Night reward. The next Craft Night (Tuesday, 13th) will be a special cookies and sugarcraft night! We’ll be baking […]

A Hackerspace Book Club?

Yep! I don’t know about you, but I find myself reading endless piles of how-to books, technical journals, blog posts, and forums. While a lot of fun, I feel I’d do well to remember to dream from time to time. Afterall, how many objects first appeared in sci-fi books, films, or tv shows that have […]

Electro-Sewing Workshop; update

Hello again! The Electro-Sewing Workshop was last night in tog, and again, I think we all had a good time! Personally I had a great evening and was delighted at how quickly everyone picked it up. Even with having to listening to me waffle aimlessly to a slide-deck for a while, by the end of […]

Project: Playable LED Top

I’ve extended my Lilypad Arduino LED-Matrix top to make use of SparkFun’s ‘wearable’ keypad. Now you can draw on the top in LEDs! More details, especially on construction, on my blog.

Hand-Sewing Workshop; update

Hey all, I’m not long home from the Basic Hand-Sewing Workshop, and just wanted to say how much fun I had, how great it was to meet such good students, and to throw up a picture of their handiwork (that I’m very proud of)! They came in unable to sew (mostly) and left with finished […]